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We also sell our products to other countries:

Poland, Germany, France, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, England, Italy, Norway, Greece, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sweden, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Russia, Ukrain, Bialorus, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Costa Rica, 

​Passion and history

   Our Company was founded of love to the Chimney Cake.

Fortunately we had to eat the first Kurtos Kalacs, which was the work of the most famous master of confectionery in Budapest - Mr Laszlo Molnar. 

Since that time, we wanted to share our passion with you.

Before production, we trained and tested a lot of recipe for Chimney Cake. We baked thousands of cookies.


  In our offer we have everything to start baking and selling this delicious cakes.

We are pleased to share with you our experience.


With little investment you can achieve great satisfaction

We are an active member of

The Chimney Cake Manufacturers

based in Budapest www.kurtos.eu



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