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The history of Kurtos Kalacs

    Kurtoskalacs, Czech Trydelnik, Chimney Cake, Baumkuchen, Hungarian Cake.
As many countries as many names.

The many peoples of Carpatians population considers Kurtos Kalacs as an integral part of their culture.

There are many legends about the origin and the proces of preparing the Chimney Cake. One of them says that the Kurtos Kalacs name comes from Szekely region in east Transilvania. This cake was very popular among Transilvanian warriors - Szekels. That's why the common, hungarian name for the cake "Kurtos" comes from Szekely where the chimney is called "kurto".

Another legend says that chimney cake come from the times of the firs conquest of Hungary by the Huns. The invaders baked their first Kurtos with stolen ingredients, rolled on the wooden club and inserted into the fire.

Nowadays the old recipe and modern technology are mixed and Kurtos Kalacs is present in the ovens all over the world.

You can find this delicious cake in Slovenia, Slovakia. Romania, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Serbia, Great Britian, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Egipt, Brasil, Australia, Canada, United States, Hawaii and ofcourse in many places in Poland.




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